Pferdetransport verschwunden

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Gerade habe ich in einem andern Forum diesen Aufruf gelesen:

Please help! Finnish horse-transport lost in europe!

LOST: finnish horse-transport

Driver in charge: Elmar Pöttjer

Certificate number: 4442 valid until 03.10.2019

Vehicle: MAN, plate number RFL-537

Route: Dresden(DE) – Ruhberg(DE) – Calais (FR) – Amsterdam (NL) – Travemünde (DE) – Helsinki (FIN) – Kangasala (FIN)

Resting over night at: Ruhberg, Calais, Amsterdam

Last seen in Dresden on friday Feb 24th, where the driver has taken 2
young horses onboard. Should´ve been in Calais, France on monday Feb
27th but never got there. Finnish, german and french police are looking
for this transport. Horses´owner is really worried about the horses´
well-being. All information to your local police.

There´s a Schengen-area warrant about this transport. This is mostly an
animal-rescue issue than about a missing person. The last text message
to the horses´owner from the driver is from sunday 26th and says: “We´re
in Lux and heading to France this evening”. After this there were a few
very odd phone calls in which the driver has sounded very drunk. After
thursday his phone has been closed (propably out of battery). There´s a
big worry that the driver is drinking heavily in some truck-park and the
horses are in the truck without any food, water and care.

Please share this to your friends via facebook or any way you can
imagine. If you can help by translating this to dutch, german or france
please do so.

Picture of the missing truck:…type=1&theater

Es scheint kein fake zu sein!

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